Monday, February 9, 2009

VOTE NOW at Yahoogroups! RE: Dues for MAW

This is my first official blog so be easy on me bloggers! Anyway, the idea of charging dues for all Mother Artists at Work members has been bandied about for awhile now. Yesterday at the planning meeting for KidzArtz, it was proposed that we move forward and actually do it.

Be sure to go vote on this issue at the MAW yahoogroups site (you should get a link from the MAW e-list). If not, let someone know and we can get you there. The poll will close on Feb. 28th.

Dues are proposed to be $20 per year with the option to pay a $10 installment every 6 months. This will allow new members to commit to shorter periods of membership and "try out" MAW to see if it is a fit for them.

Dues will be used to pay for such things as the Trade Name (cost $50, fronted by Laura at this time) as well as other expenses incurred as MAW moves closer to being an organization that is incorporated and able to qualify for official non-profit status. If you have questions about the details of this, please ask and someone (not me) who is clearer on this process will answer!

Group membership benefits will include:
networking, monthly workshops, and an annual exhibit opportunity in the form of a MAW show which will also be at least partially supported by our dues.

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