Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plush Sale to Support Columbus Arts Festival Artists!


We were super lucky this year to participate with the Independent Creatives section of the Columbus Arts Festival! Even with the storm, Mother Artists at Work was still able to reap a profit, 50% of which will be donated to artists who lost artwork, tents, and other valuables during the festival storm.

We received so much interest in purchasing the plushes created for the game, we've decided to sell several off in order to increase our contribution to the Artists Relief Fund. 100% of the sale goes to the fund. To purchase please contact mawcolumbus@gmail.com. Paypal accepted. Each plush is $20, plus $5 for shipping if applicable, free Columbus, OH pick up.

To view the plushes for sale, go to the set on flickr, or click on images below: