Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vision Board Workshop

We had an awesome time at the vision board workshop this morning. Here's Kate, laboring on her Rebirth board:



And Judy, likewise, working wonders with rubber cement:



And Melissa, tearing it up:


Here's my board. We're all supposed to blog about our boards, so I'm going to sneak mine in right now.


I knew I needed to vision prosperity, but didn't want it to be about money. There is nothing wrong with money, and I know this, but I wanted it to be about something more. The word "harvest" came up, and "gold," and I knew where it was headed. There's a lot of spinning straw into gold in there.

There are images of fiber work by Eva Hesse, and the cliff repellers, side by side. I need a little risk, and I love the repelling ropes and how they mirror the fiber art.

The knitter with the birds in her hair is about listening to the little birds of ideas, and the gourd bird houses are, I think, about giving those ideas a place to nest before I turn them into something tangible. All this comes from the tear at the top right -- which is not so much about crying (although that's fine,) but more about it being a flow from vision.

I had brought some images of garden design to use. I love the tidy, drawn little plans, and thought, "If I could only design my life that way, with an aerial view, wouldn't that be great?" But during the process, I realized that was exactly what I needed to let go; words like flow and organic and process (although I didn't use it) began to surface. I also needed to include the word "ready." I know in the past, things have started to happen, and I didn't feel ready. I want to feel ready -- ready to reap and receive -- and, as it says in the bottom right corner, "walk my path."


Kate said...

Your board looks awesome. What fun this was!

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