Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras!

Send a Mardi Gras Joan-A-Gram by MAW member Cyndi Bellerose-McAfee!

Right click, save, and insert in an email! Or go to her flickr page and download it. OLD SCHOOL!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Exist

I've had people ask if Mother Artists at Work still exists as a group. That's because we mainly operate under the floorboards, holding each other up. Motherhood and art making are both creative endeavors that take so much energy, it's hard to do both. Sometimes, we have to put the art on hold while we focus on the kids. If we do that too long, we forget who we are. That's why this group exists.

Some of us are finding success after many years of simply showing up to meetings to be inspired and encouraged by others. Some are learning to balance little ones with a little art, whatever can be squeezed in. Some are still overwhelmed by the magnitude of responsibly caring for children, but are looking up -- and being lifted up -- by the loving arms of friends.

Some are finding out life is like a movie: this one.

We consistently greet new members. Some stay, some do not. What we provide is not for everyone. We maintain a place in our local community. We do what we can. But primarily, we keep the fire burning.

In addition to our solo endeavors (links to artists on the right,) here are some things on the horizon:

March, 2010: A-Holes
May, 2010: Hard Labor (a group show for MAW, details forthcoming)
July, 2010: KidzArtz
May, 2011: group show at the Concourse Gallery