Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On Valentine's Day evening, Junctionview Studios hosted a superfun event called "I heART". The artwork that was represented fell into one of three categories: Sweet, bitter, or hot. Fellow MAW member, Wendy Yeager and I (Sharon Bell) had pieces on display (both were bitter, no surprises there). Members of Couchfire Collective and other Junctionview residents did a bang up job preparing the space for the event, and it appeared as if all in attendance had a great time (some a bit TOO great...).
Wendy took a few pics featured here of the event before it got too crazy. She also took pics of our pieces. Mine's the hole in the chest one and hers is the beautiful ghostly figure one. She rules.


Alissa said...


OMG. Wendy's piece. And yours, too!

I wish I had gone. I didn't have an old prom dress to wear. And I couldn't get my left leg into my Mom's old wedding dress.

Laura G said...

WOW ladies, I love both pieces! They turned out amazing!!!!