Friday, April 8, 2011

Writing Your Artist Statement Brunch

Sunday, April 10th at 11:00 am Mother Artists at Work will welcome Danielle Hartke into the fold for the brunch of a lifetime. She has agreed to come visit us all the way from Milwaukee, WI to share her tips and insights on the Artist Statement writing process.

Danielle is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin majoring in Rhetoric and Composition. As part of her Master's program, Danielle is developing a workshop to assist artists in the writing of their statements. She has an affinity for the arts and is passionate about helping artists use the writing process to enhance communication about their work. Hopefully, with Danielle's help, great food for the brain cells and the most supportive group there ever was, a dreaded item of the artist's "to do" list will become...well, less dreaded...and maybe even a little fun. We are so excited to have her. She will be warmly welcomed and well fed. After all, we are also mothers and we just can't help ourselves. The spreads at our gatherings are legendary!! All members are welcome. Please bring a brunch dish to share.


Dani said...
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Dani said...

Thank you, MAW women, for having me. When I tried to explain how wonderful it was to my students, they looked at me incredulously - apparently, sunshine, good food, good fellowship, backyards and writing don't make their lists of Sunday bests. I was impressed with your writing, the constructive feedback offered, and the energy with which you adopted "the process." I look forward to seeing the final product (though writing is never done), and humbly offer myself as a reader for your writing, if ever you should need it. Grammar goggles and all.