Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laine Bachman is Awesome!

Holy mother of art, Batman! It's been FOREVER since we've blogged. But that sh%t is gonna change as we have just had a meeting recently where we said, "This sh%t needs to change!"

Sooo, this is Sharon posting, and I just want to tell you how mindblowing Laine's new show at Image Optical (846 North High Street) is. I went to the opening last weekend, and Dave and I were like, "Holy sh%t, her work is off the HOOK!!!" The amount of detail, the colors, the thought that went into the borders around her images and even the frames... just stunning. There's very few artists that make me want to do that many rounds of their entire show just so that I can study all of the tiny parts and pieces that go into each work. It was very hard to pick a favorite, so I picked several. Dave was the same way, between the both of us, I think we wanted them all. We asked Laine how long an average piece took (most were watercolors), and she said "around 50 hours". Yes, that FIVE-ZERO. That's dedication!

Anyway, we just adore her. So seriously, get to Image Optical before the end of February to see an exhibit that will truly rock your world.

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